Sunday, November 2, 2008

early in d mornin

a mornin photo 4 her... my dear. mr. bong(from UMW) bring tis kind of disc (about 16pcs disc)2 my shop 2 install 4 my boss..
it's some kind of software bout car..
4 example... like tis...

have u see an old car there?? haha..

MR.bong teach me how 2 use tis software..

it's easy 2 find parts.. BUT>..... it's inside a laptop.. n it's belong 2 my boss..

he... bring it home everyday... never use it... n he's the 1 who use it.. heeeee duno how 2 use...

so... tis software spend 1000 ringgit n juz PUT THERE... PANG KIN

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