Sunday, December 30, 2007

a bz day~~

wake up in d mornin 2day(of coz in d mornin lo)... thn go breakfast after bath.. drivin 2day, go huising de petronas pump my horn.. thn go have a laksa.... thn work liao.. nt much costumer.. but a lot.. after my work, back home.. bath... lunch.. thn start gaming liao.. damn bored.. on9 lo.. chit chat a while thn i lost in my room.. i'm insede my car 2 fan's house.. haha.. both of us go hopoh, thn go 7th miles.. thn cal dino... he said he at home ba.. we go find him lo.. i straightly press my thottle n my speed meter gain.. til i reach dino's house.. i saw huat ge(dino's dad) cutting trees 2 get n sell(haha.. joking nia la).. we go malihah 4 a car wash... knoe wad? i got some heh piah(prawn craker, not kong pia).. free de leh... eee mai huan kia dun wana take my money.. nvm, i earn something 2day... after tat, 3 of us go jln song cut hair.. dino choose a gal 3 cut his hair.. i choose the boss 2 cut.. dino's RPM keep on gaining n change gear.. until his gearbox blown.. all wet wet.. wif our new hair style, we go FOOD AVANUE eat dinner.. thn go taka buy bread.. daddy cal me n ask where m i, i said where i m n wad i'm doin.. he said he bought bread liao, n ask me go pick mummy.. so, i juz said "o".. thn go liao... booooo... meet boss on the way wif his benz.. wad 2 do? race wif him lo.. haha.. knoe wad? i win le, but he stil 8 da back.. maiku... reach home after pick mum.. after bath, i'm reli exhausted liao.. after tis essay.. i wana slp liao.. haha gd nite

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