Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day Without Hug Hug~

2day.. another normal day... work work work work... siaw liao.. go find ah hua n get a set of component back... thn bring biscuit 2 my her... go pick zhao wei n ah fan thn go find benedict... he shake his head when he saw me becoz i keep laughing him say "ok & ic".. we chit chat there bout muffler until the time 2 pick mummy.. after pick mummy home, 3 of us go dino's house 2 disturb him... i cant b'liv tat a person can listen 发如雪for 95 timess.... siaw liao.. i invite him go eat somewhere near his house n we saw kueh.. woohoo.. song ar.. mum mum there thn go home loo...
now's time omoz 12 nite... i'm stil sitting here writing blog.. thiam ar..2molo wana work le.. slp 1st.. gd nite every1.. include my her..

photo of the day
2 stupid car...
1. red wif silver
2.white wif silver
(walao.. wad kind of world is tis~~)

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