Monday, July 20, 2009

MR. 8855

there's owes a problem wif car.
someimes, not only 1... but many..
my uncle, who work wif boulevard jaya,
had trade in a wira wif some $$ n sell,
it's sold. he ask me 2 settle the car's problem..
the car's problem is.. water temperature, higher thn usual
so, when i open the radiator cap..

the water come out from the radiator looks like tis..

walao eh.. terrible..

so, i clean the radiator 4 sometime..

after tat.. i found tat the temp is stil the same..

called somebody 2 ask something...

they tel me tat not the temp problem, it's the meter problem

alrite, i go buy a new meter, cost hundred something

the car without meter, hahahere's the meter..kelam kabut...

finally.. i've done it, everything's ok... gd job..

add few more scratch on my hand again.. ai~~~

gonna slp now.. gd nite

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