Monday, July 20, 2009

TRD (toyota racing development)

i'm goin 2 boulevard jaya 2day during my lunch time, no.. after finish my work,

because i take half day leave 2day.. find my uncle there, n i saw these on his table..

wad's TRD.. here's the answer.. dun understand??

check tis out...

the signboard of BOULEVARD JAYA

the logo of TRD

he said VIOS TRD SPORTIVO is launching kuching tis weekend,

means tat we all can go there have a view..

but the important point is.. there's a buffet.. haha, when i told dino bout tis..

he reply me something like....

Damn... y i got a fren like tis.. haha..
no la.. dino ma... of coz he's like tis.. normal liao..

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