Saturday, May 26, 2007

hmm.. quite free 2day, boss juz come back from oversea.. more 1 person helping the shop.. more relax, haha..ow.. post a lot of photo 2day.. juz chat wif allen (ant).. he told me tat he can get a cheap N73 4 me.. but duno sien ar.. b4 tat, i go out wif nee, actually wana go a fun fair near water front, but she said many ppl.. so we juz go home lo.. duno y 2nite my mind quite empty.. ow.. miz nee a lot.. wana slp liao.. gd nite
tis is my normal volume~~ haha.. n oso nee's name..
wat have u seen?? MAX??
yeah~~ i support Digi..haha
take a look 8 tis, i'm sitting in a mers~~~
damm.. totally no customer 2day
ass hole's car.. haha

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