Wednesday, May 23, 2007

my new blog, new life... haha...

yeahh... 1st of all, i would like 2 thx my dear coz she help me 2 create tis blog..
hehe.. so, wat i wana say here.. yea, my life.. starts from 2day.. tis mornin, ass hole(midnight star member QKW1925) cal me in the mornin n ask me 4 breakfast.. ow, i only knoe tat i bought a pack of french fries n a pack of sausage.. haha..nvm, we juz go 4 breakfast 8 san jing chen(the new shop at 4th miles there) tis person driving like a crazy ppl.. we went there 4 laksa s our breakfast, n talk bout lubricant's stuff...when i reach shop.. he suddenly ask me bout tail lamp of cygnus.. i ever told him bout the head lamp, it's about RM2800, n tail lamp is only RM1700.. so i juz show him the tail lamp n he juz take a photo of it n cal his relative.. hmm.. i think tat set of lamp is gonna be sold..haha..
ntg apecial 2day.. the heavy rain make me feel wana sick again.. on d other side, i'm sitting outside my shop playin msn wif my dear.. wahahaha.. til tis is 7.44pm.. wana go find dear dear later..haha.. juz finish my dinner.. not so full.. coz wana diet ma, haha

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ivy said...

welcome ling...haha...
not bad o...welcome to bloggiez... more update ya..
pic as well..haha..
love ya