Sunday, May 27, 2007

a happy day wif a happy girl

only work 4 half day 2day.. the same, not much costumer.. juz sitting there bio some cars.. no ca bo 2 c.. after home, nee ask me go rest.. after i bath, i saw daddy "operate" some fish.. so i go play wif it, haha.. hmm, quite fun.. then go slp liao.. 2-4pm.. a customer wake me up n ask me why wat thing so expensive, then ask me slp liao..eee~~ can't slp liao le, bro play com there.. noisy.. kimak kau ya.. then i cal tee out 4 a drink.. after tat go find nee liao lo, we go jogging 8 frenship park.. lots of ppl there.. when i jog there, i keep "kuak chia". 2 much ppl liao.. i think i run bout 4 round kua.. bo lat liao.. we bought a drink there n drink lo.. hmm.. i'm very happy 2day b'coz she seems happy.. hehe~~~ u happy i oso happy.. :p juz go fetch mum from sarawak plaza.. now.. my leg feel pain n tired.. wana slp liao, gd nite.. miz ya all~~~
finally.. i catch u.. haha.. surrender??
plss.. dun bite me, k?

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