Friday, May 25, 2007

wow.. i'm totally exhausted 2day.. mahai.. yesterday de stock haven't finish write, so i write it n arrange it 2day.. woohoo.. omoz make me 'pass away'..haha, but everything is over..yea.. after work i go 2 class, but i can't listen anything tat teacher said.. keep staring 8 my phone n my book.. after both class when i'm 8 downstairs.. tee's waiting me there liao, talkin 2 adelyne..then we go find ah hock again.. he's 'standing on a chair' watching movie.. cool man..haha.. after tat we juz back home lo.. the moment when i juz reach tee's house, nee cal me..hehe.. maybe worried bout me kua..finally, i reach home, i'm damn hungry. juz find some jambu n push in2 my tummy.. suak..quite late now..wana slp liao, gd nite every1..haha..babai..did i say tat??
tis 1.. is the 1 tat i'm using.. 10w/40
well... tis is my 1st time tat i saw a magnatec 4 cars which is under 1000cc..ow..expensive o.. 10w/30
there.. some phone, money, car's key, drinks, n cigarette..haha
hey, every1.. my name is ass hole.. heeee~~~
colleague's baby.. so cute.. haha.. ang gu gu~~hmm.. i juz look like no teeth, haha

The turbo tat bigger then my head..oso my hand..
tis is the lamp tat i said.. HDJ 101

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